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Creative Spirit Studios came to life in the late 1980’s as an artistic expression fused with general construction skills.  Artist/Designer Scott THORBERG has been designing and building unique spaces for nearly three decades, adding life to those spaces with one of a kind furniture, murals, sculpture, and

FINE ART....        

“Thank You for visiting my work.... ENJOY!”

king solo-man’s mine

mixed media w/12v accent lighting, found object, concrete, steel, wood, acrylic and invisible blue highlights...looks awesome at night!

1800’s carriage house restoration...

st. louis cardinals center fielder jim edmonds

invested in this major under taking in downtown st. louis...thousands of square feet...tens of thousands of square

of my larger projects... overseeing every detail from window design to which forks to use...very challenging but worth it...a meca

re-visited decades later and brought back to life as a restaurant and event space over the course of nine months...working under

the strict guide lines of the st. louis union and

the historical intensely ended on the completion date with one hell of a party to follow... you can visit fifteen night club today if you find yourself in st. louis....on the corner of 21st and locust....thank you mark and jim... # fifteen



it’s all about the wine...even though i built my first wine rack as a is only today that i truly appreciate the grapes never ending ability to bring and more into one place for my desire continues to build unique spaces to house the fruit we will enjoy in the years to come....connect with me if you have any cellar design questions...i love this arena and have a vast array of ideas for you and your space...


residence cellar

62 oak hill

design on a dime special...

fun...colorful...and affordable...

dennis rodman’s josh slocum’s...

three or four phases of complete

remodel to this historic nautical building in the heart of restaurant row-newport beach...


“this place changed each and every night,



and when that party to the beach house...

“a little wild with color but rich in character...this place was loud...and full of life”....STHORBERG   artist/designer

you only live once...but if you live right...once is enough...

the other mirror (shown here) reads...your life is a creation of your mind...there were two in total that surrounded this unique dining space.....back color lit lettering

sandblasted into the mirror...

one week during summer i had the place to myself....on the sand in newport beach...rodman left town and said build me something crazy while i’m gone...within days the garage became part of a gothic parlor with a killer couch from the cover of sports illustrated as the center piece...

david in pieces mural                                              thorberg residence

fine arts and intense interiors

              since 1989

thorberg - artist’s residence -  2004-2010

It’s hard to imagine how many different spaces I’ve encountered since it all began.  In 1984, at age fifteen, I literally did a complete remodel on my first bedroom. It included a built in fish tank, sky painted ceiling, rough cedar wainscot with secret compartments, speakers that blew out incense and multiple hand drawn murals.  Lucky to have some cool parents!

Since then nothing has changed.  Something always

needs to be built, re-built, designed, painted, and given a little love.  It will always be that way, and even though I have phased out of most construction based projects, there is always something new to discover.

Creative Spirit Studios is still available for most of your interior design ideas and needs. The main focus now remains on the ART & DESIGN.  Please contact me any time if your are looking for any of the following:

fine arts & custom artwork

interior design ideas & consultation

interior/exterior murals

faux finish stylized accent walls

conceptual art projects

graphic design


Thank You to so many for all of your support over the decades. . .  I look forward to providing many fresh ideas in the decades to come, both in ART & DESIGN.

stick around, scroll down, check out some of the archives....

here are a handful of random shots taken

at 62 oak hill drive. . . a recent dwelling and a great retreat for many years of learning and creativity . . .

another special shout out to the hospitality, apparel and sports industries! for the many years of opportunity in designing and adding color to your bars, restaurants, trade shows, and more....including but not limited to:

Mazzotti’s - Huntington Beach, CA

Mango - Newport Beach, CA

Club M - Laguna Beach, CA

Club Liquid - St. Louis, MO

The Rum Jungle - St. Louis, MO

Tiramisu - Corona Del Mar

The Living Room - St. Louis, MO

Josh Slocum’s - Newport Beach, CA

Coconut Beach - Sunset Beach, CA

Mutt Lynch’s - Newport Beach, CA

Mutt’s Balboa Club - Newport Beach, CA

The Bomb Night Club - Las Vegas, NV

The Drink - St. Louis, MO

The Wine Chateau - Chesterfield, MO

Sports Fusion - Chesterfield, MO

Jim Edmonds 15 - St. Louis, MO

The St. Louis DUB Auto Show - STL, MO

blu - a color salon - STL, MO

The Vault - St. Louis, MO

The Monkey Bar - St. Louis, MO

Dennis Rodman’s AI Show - New Orleans, LA

Josh Slocum’s Taste of Newport - NB CA

Club 1014 - St. Louis, MO

Kobalt - St. Louis, MO

Monarch Restaurant - St. Louis, MO

Herbies Vintage 72 - St. Louis, MO

Fusion - St. Louis, MO

Orange County Sunglass Warehouse - CA

Hot Box Vapor’s - Costa Mesa, CA

Condom Revolution - Costa Mesa, CA

Lava Magazine - Costa Mesa, CA

Bleach Magazine - Costa Mesa, CA

Silver Star Casting - Ventura, CA

Silver Star Casting - Balboa, CA

Silver Star Casting - Costa Mesa, CA

Silver Star Casting - Melrose, CA

Disc Makers - Hollywood, CA

The Point - Dana Point, CA

Black Diamond Tavern - Big Bear, CA

special thanks

Creative Spirit Studios

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